Information and suggestions:
a) The site is best viewed at higher resolutions (ex.1920 x 1080)
b) When searching, you can either type keywords or actual titles. For more accuracy, if looking for articles or books, you should add the name of the author to the search query.
c) If one engine does find the expected results, another engine can be used (if available). Note that several materials available in print have not yet been digitized.
d) Keep in mind that apostrophes are not acceptable at this stage. This is a known bug, hopefully solvable in future versions. So if you are typing something like, for example, Hemingway's Journey, leave the apostrophe aside and actually type Hemingway s Journey).
e) Quotes can be used for more precise results (as in "For whom the bell tolls" for example) – but keep in mind that they won't work with all the engines.
f) Some results will involve a 3rd party software for opening and reading the files. PDF files use specific readers (usually Adobe-powered PDF readers), DOC, XLS and PPT files files use Office software, others are directly readable within the browser. Also note that the downloading of some files will involve specially-developed software (like a BitTorrent client).
g) Use a browser equipped with ad-blocking features (Chrome, Firefox or Opera, which accept addons or extensions). AdBlock Plus is an extension that should do the job. For extra safety, uBlock Origin can also be added. They are useful for websites that are returned as results and are using a lot of advertising on their webpages, slowing down the loading process.
h) In order not to be bothered with Captcha codes and tests (Google, for example, uses them extensively, and the process of completing them can be tiresome), there are two workarounds. One is to actually sign in to Google before doing any searches. Another is to have a VPN installed (also as a browser extension). A VPN would change the browser's IP when activated, thus refreshing the request to the search engine.
i) This meta-search engine (actually a filtering system for the type of queries that usually bring up too many results, many of them not useful) is only meant to identify legally posted materials. If anyone should encounter any material that has been posted on a website without the author or editor's approval, they should inform the webmaster of the respective website. Remember, SeekMaster does not index or host files locally, nor does it claim any rights upon the materials that are returned as results).
j) Your own observations and suggestions can be sent to the address and they will be addressed ASAP.